Idealis Consulting

“Specialized in advices and IT solutions, Idealis Consulting use to help companies in their digital transformation. Its mission is to get enterprises close to where their Ideal IS.”

The enterprise

Idealis Consulting is a company with 26 employees founded in 2007 which develops HR and supply chain processes. The enterprise provides advices and IT solutions in order to help companies in their business and digital transformation.

In addition, the consulting agency produces various solutions such as SAP, Pick Path and ODOO. Indeed, Idealis is a gold partner of ODOO (all-in-one management software) and built interesting packages to manage companies with this program.

Their expertise

Idealis Consulting mainly offers HCM (Human Capital Management) and SCM (Supply Chain Management) services. Its consultants are able to find solutions for different fields like Web, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), E-commerce, SCM, Accounting and HRM.

Finally, the advices they provide for HR management concern the management of personnel, talent, personnel time, payroll and post payroll, employee self-service. In SCM services, they are competents finding solutions for sales and distribution, materials management, inventory and warehouse management, production and CRM.

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