“BrioLab is demonstrating its great flexibility. We explain what we do and where we want to go and BrioLab develops a tool that meets these requirements. Before we start, we cannot imagine everything that will be possible to do using this tool”,

Tonia Gaggini, Talent Manager, Human Resources, Sodexo Belgium

The client

As a French company that was founded in 1966, Sodexo is now present in over 80 countries and has nearly 400,000 employees. As the world leader in Life Quality Services, the multinational has been operating in Belgium since 1971. Here it has developed some fifteen of on-site Service Solutions, relating to contract catering, cleaning, reception and mailing, maintenance of laboratory equipment, etc. These activities now employ some 4,000 staff to meet the demand of around a thousand customers.

The challenge

Sodexo Belgium’s growth and the proliferation of sites where it operates is leading to an expansion both in the number and the profiles of people employed by the company. In addition, out of the 4000 staff, only 250 work at the company’s headquarters in Auderghem; the rest are scattered around across Belgium at different sites.
Career and talent management within such a structure represents a real challenge. And, until recently, Sodexo’s Talent Management department managed the update of staff appraisals using Excel files.
Three years ago, Sodexo used BrioLab’s services to develop a software tool to optimise the processing of data gathered during the assessment of its employees.

The solution

BrioLab has built a tailored solution for Sodexo called e-Talent. This tool perfectly grafts onto the SAP software package used by the company for HR management. Unlike ready-to-use products on the market, BrioLab’s e-Talent solution is flexible and can change according to the company’s needs. Initially created to optimise and automate the assessment process, since then e-talent has been adapted so as to enable incentive bonuses to be calculated, the evaluation of targets set for employees and the forward planning of jobs and skills.

The e-Talent application can be opened via the company’s intranet or via a URL and is therefore accessible from anywhere at any time. This enables employees, who are trained in the use of e-Talent thanks to instructions on paper and video, to complete the assessment forms as they wish. This tool also gives them the opportunity to request an interview with a human resources manager so as to discuss their career options.
Regarding the Talent Management team, e-Talent gives it a clear and quick overview of performance, strengths and even development potential of Sodexo’s employees. Thanks to sending reminders and writing reports, the application greatly facilitates the monitoring of assessments and the data processing that emerges from it.

The result

Initially tested by the 250 employees at Sodexo’s headquarters, the e-Talent application is now used by over 1,200 employees. This implementation in two stages enabled the product’s “teething problems” to be detected and has hence developed it so that it is in perfect harmony with Sodexo’s requirements. Its user-friendly interface, accessibility and intuitiveness make it a very popular tool for all users. While maintaining contacts between managers and employees, e-Talent enables them to have an objective support for assessment interviews.
Today, there is an ongoing collaboration between Sodexo and BrioLab, with the extent of the use of e-Talent by all employees and the application’s adaptation to monitor their internal mobility.