The enterprise

Solvay Group is an international chemical and advanced materials company founded in 1863. The organization employs 1.700 people in Belgium and headquartered in Brussels. Its main goal is to create a future with more potential. To achieve this objective, Solvay assists its customers in innovation, development and delivery of high-value products.

The vision of the group is to promote the creation of sustainable value by developing employees and promoting diversity and inclusion. Moreover, the company has ambitious commitments like reducing greenhouse gaz intensity, reducing the number of accidents, increasing sustainable solutions, encourage employees’ societal initiatives and their engagement.

Their expertise

Solvay is specialized to find innovative solutions that consume less energy and reduce CO2 emissions. The organization works in different fields such as automotive and aeronautics; building and construction; agro, feed and food; energy and environment; electrical and electronics, industrial applications…

In Belgium, Solvay is specialized in peroxides, polyglycerol, special polymers and limestone extraction.

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